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Prosthetic ear found on Florida beach prompts police search

19 Jun 2019 19:21

Police in Florida are asking the public to keep an ear out for a beachgoer who lost a prosthetic ear this week.

As US population ages, more elders are subject to physical, sexual and financial abuse

19 Jun 2019 18:58

Elder abuse is chillingly widespread and can range anywhere from physical and sexual abuse, to emotional abuse, confinement, stealing money, negligence, and abandonment. And it's slated only to get worse with the aging U.S. population.

9/11 first responder who testified with Jon Stewart now in hospice: 'I'm resting and I'm at peace'

19 Jun 2019 17:00

The 9/11 first responder whose moving testimony before a House subcommittee last week was watched by millions said he is now in hospice care.

Nail polish remover, hair products send thousands of kids to ER, study finds

19 Jun 2019 15:43

About every two hours a child is taken to the emergency room for injuries related to cosmetic and beauty products kept inside the home.

Pennsylvania woman bitten by venomous snake while doing laundry

19 Jun 2019 15:25

A Pennsylvania woman was rushed to a hospital on Tuesday for pain and swelling after a venomous snake bit her on the arm while doing laundry.

Mom loses tip of nose after dismissing skin cancer symptom as pimple

19 Jun 2019 14:58

A former sun worshipper who admitted to soaking up the rays without using protection for decades shared how she had the tip of her nose cut off after a pink pimple on the end turned out to be sun-bathing induced skin cancer.

Earwax clump clogging entire ear canal removed from patient: 'Look at that!'

19 Jun 2019 14:30

An audiologist could hardly believe the size of a massive earwax chunk he had just pulled out of his patient’s ear during a Feb. 22 procedure that was captured on video.

Georgia toddler diagnosed with rare ovarian cancer now disease-free

19 Jun 2019 13:14

The 2-year-old Georgia girl who touched hearts worldwide when her parents shared that she had been diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer is now celebrating being cancer-free.

San Francisco may become first US city to ban sales of e-cigarettes

18 Jun 2019 19:05

San Francisco is inching closer to becoming the first city in America to ban the sales of electronic cigarettes.

Tarek El Moussa shares how viewer spotted cancer in new patient-focused series

18 Jun 2019 18:24

Fans of HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” will recall how one of their own helped to save star Tarek El Moussa’s life after writing in to point out an odd lump that they noticed on his neck.

US preschoolers getting less obese, study finds

18 Jun 2019 17:13

Preschoolers on government food aid have grown a little less pudgy, a U.S. study found, offering fresh evidence that previous signs of declining obesity rates weren't a fluke.

Frozen spinach recalled over possible listeria contamination

18 Jun 2019 16:20

 A Phoenix company has issued a recall for frozen spinach products over concerns that it may be contaminated with listeria, a bacteria that could cause life-threatening infections in some consumers.

Over 100 children killed in India's encephalitis outbreak as protesters call for action

18 Jun 2019 14:20

An encephalitis outbreak has killed over 100 children in eastern India since June, officials say, with more than 430 others requiring hospitalization.

Massachusetts mom 'in shock' after snake bites 9-month-old baby in kitchen

18 Jun 2019 14:14

A 5-foot-long snake slithered into a Boston home on Saturday and bit a 9-month-old baby playing on the kitchen floor, his mother claimed.

Doctors pull foot-long parasitic worm from woman's intestines

18 Jun 2019 13:42

A woman in China who had been suffering from stomach pains over the last decade underwent surgery this week to remove a foot-long parasitic worm from her intestines.

Is 'flesh-eating' bacteria heading to a beach near you?

18 Jun 2019 13:04

"Flesh-eating" bacteria that live in the ocean may be spreading to previously unaffected beach waters thanks to climate change, according to a new report.

Connecticut girl, 12, with rare disorder creates teddy bears that hide IV bags

18 Jun 2019 02:58

Ella Casano, a 12-year-old Connecticut girl who regularly receives an IV for a rare autoimmune disorder, recognized the stress that can come in this environment for a kid and decided to create something that would make it less intimidating.

Dozens of 'Parrotheads' reportedly sickened during trip to Dominican Republic

17 Jun 2019 19:51

Dozens of Jimmy Buffett fans claim they were sickened while visiting the Dominican Republic in April, and while some allegedly tested positive for salmonella, the rest remain stumped by their symptoms.

Man's arm reattached after horrifying train accident, report says

17 Jun 2019 18:08

GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Operating room photos purportedly show the harrowing medical journey one man in Mumbai took last month after his arm was severed by a train, only to be successfully reattached by surgeons just hours later.

Lay's chips recalled over undeclared milk allergen

17 Jun 2019 16:07

Frito-Lay announced that it was pulling select varieties of its Lay’s Lightly Salted Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips over the possibility that it may contain an undeclared milk ingredient.

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