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Woman wants 2 front teeth for Christmas after swallowing dentures while eating mince pie

9 Dec 2019 17:15

She said she initially thought she has bitten into a hard piece of the mince pie.

Mom embarks on weight loss journey, drops nearly 60 pounds to 'be the legs' for disabled son

9 Dec 2019 17:00

A British mom whose son will likely never talk or walk due to a rare condition affecting his brain lost nearly 60 pounds in a bid to “be the legs” for her child. 

Scarlet fever outbreak in UK sickens hundreds: report

9 Dec 2019 16:03

An outbreak of the highly contagious scarlet fever has reportedly sickened hundreds of people across England and Wales, according to a report. 

Model dies hours after liposuction, nose job at Mexico clinic, reports say

9 Dec 2019 15:21

At some point in her recovery, the mother of two suffered cardiorespiratory failure, reports say.

White Castle frozen burgers, cheeseburgers recalled over listeria concerns

9 Dec 2019 15:17

The recall includes select varieties of frozen hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

Iowa man sheds half his body weight after invasive spinal surgery, says he once ate 'with no constraint'

9 Dec 2019 14:43

An Iowa man who once weighed 430 pounds says invasive spinal surgery pushed him to make dramatic lifestyle changes that led to his 215-pound weight-loss journey. 

Which meat is healthiest to eat?

8 Dec 2019 10:00

Dr. Manny weighs in on which meat is healthiest for you and your family.

Why is your stomach making noises?

7 Dec 2019 10:00

Dr. Manny explains what's behind those embarrassing gurgling noises coming from your gut.

Moment deaf baby hears mom's voice after hearing aids switched on

6 Dec 2019 18:26

Paul said each morning when he turns his daughter's hearing aids on she reacts to hearing his voice with pure joy.

Woman with severe eczema said sheets were filled with dead skin each morning: It was 'like a sandpit'

6 Dec 2019 18:17

A 23-year-old British woman with eczema says the skin condition “was controlling [her] life” and affecting her mental health after steroid-based creams failed to alleviate her severe symptoms. 

Will Smith says colonoscopy 'turned very real' after doctor discovered precancerous polyp

6 Dec 2019 17:02

The 51-year-old vlogged the appointment for his fans, including when his doctor told him they had found a precancerous polyp.

Construction worker saves toddler choking on coin: 'I am so thankful'

6 Dec 2019 15:23

A British construction worker is being hailed a hero after he saved the life of a young girl choking on a coin. 

Woman develops 2-inch bezoar in stomach after diet of crab meat and persimmons

6 Dec 2019 15:06

Bezoars can be made up of indigestible food fibers, hair or hair-like fibers or medications that don't properly dissolve.

Norovirus outbreak temporarily closes Wisconsin elementary school: officials

6 Dec 2019 14:18

A suspected norovirus outbreak has temporarily closed an elementary school in Wisconsin, school officials said this week. 

Florida chef, wife and 17-year-old son diagnosed with separate cancers

6 Dec 2019 14:11

The family has owned the restaurant for the last 16 years, and hope to remain involved in day-to-day operations.

Experimental Alzheimer's drug leaves scientists split over effectiveness

5 Dec 2019 23:55

A company that claims to have the first drug to slow mental decline from Alzheimer’s disease made its case to scientists Thursday, but left them sharply divided over whether there’s enough evidence of effectiveness for the medicine to warrant federal approval.

Hepatitis A outbreak linked to blackberries spreads to 6 states: officials

5 Dec 2019 18:51

A hepatitis A outbreak linked to fresh blackberries sold at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market stores has now sickened at least 16 people across six states, federal health officials announced this week. 

Will President Trump's new transparency plan bring down health care costs?

5 Dec 2019 17:08

The Trump administration says forcing hospitals and insurance companies to disclose the full cost of all medical treatment will bring prices down, but consumers aren't so sure it will work.

Teen nearly blinded after classmate throws pencil, lead lodges in eye

5 Dec 2019 17:01

A British teen narrowly avoided losing the vision in one of her eyes after a classmate threw a pencil at her, the lead from which reportedly landed just millimeters away from her retina.

'Sperminator' who's fathered 52 kids gets own web series

5 Dec 2019 15:41

Today, he’s fathered 52 by sperm donation and three with his estranged wife.

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