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Obesity surgery may lower heart attack danger in diabetics

17 Oct 2018 18:23

Obesity surgery may dramatically lower the danger of heart attacks and strokes in patients with diabetes, new research suggests, reinforcing evidence that benefits extend beyond weight loss.

Why life expectancy in 2040 could be lower than it is today

17 Oct 2018 18:04

Mom who delayed chemo to save unborn baby dies of ovarian cancer

17 Oct 2018 17:37

A cancer-stricken mom who turned down chemotherapy to save her unborn baby's life has died at age 29.

Mothers of babies afflicted by Zika fight poverty, despair

17 Oct 2018 16:45

Nearly three years after a Zika outbreak in Brazil caused thousands of cases of microcephaly and other devastating birth defects in newborns, Reuters returned to check on the mothers and their children.

Houston mom's suspected hangover was actually aggressive brain tumor

17 Oct 2018 14:56

A Houston mother who went to bed with a suspected hangover and woke up paralyzed in the hospital is back in nursing school after undergoing major brain surgery to remove an aggressive tumor.

'Polio-like' illness paralyzing children remains 'mystery' to health officials as CDC confirms cases in 22 states

17 Oct 2018 13:46

It seemed that 6-year-old Spencer Hill was battling symptoms of a common cold until suddenly he started struggling to walk and move his arms. Then he couldn’t write, and his legs began giving out.

Wegmans recalls store brand hummus that 'may contain pieces of black plastic'

16 Oct 2018 21:35

Attention Wegmans customers: the company is recalling its own hummus products.

Grieving mom brings strangers to tears with act of kindness at Florida Publix

16 Oct 2018 20:19

A Florida woman who walked into a Publix supermarket last week asked an unusual question at the bakery counter.

Dying woman, 55, granted wish to see lighthouse for first time

16 Oct 2018 18:32

Massachusetts paramedics paired with a 55-year-old patient’s hospice care team to make one of her final wishes come true: see a lighthouse for the first time.

Florida child dies after contracting flu, state health officials confirm

16 Oct 2018 17:17

The Florida Department of Health is urging residents to get their flu shot after a child who did not receive the vaccine died after contracting the virus, state health officials confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday.

Heavy marijuana use tied to woman's mysterious vomiting bouts

16 Oct 2018 16:00

A woman who frequently ended up in the hospital with intense bouts of vomiting turned out to have a mysterious syndrome tied to heavy marijuana use, according to a new report of the case.

Obituary for mom who battled drug addiction goes viral

16 Oct 2018 15:06

A family’s open and honest obituary for their 30-year-old daughter who struggled with drug addiction has reached thousands online, with many sharing their own stories of substance abuse while thanking the parents for not hiding their child’s struggles.

Georgia woman nearly died after botched tummy tuck left her with life-threatening infections

16 Oct 2018 13:51

A woman who lost nearly 100 pounds and had a tummy tuck to remove the resulting folds of saggy skin has told how she was left dicing with death after a flesh-eating bug ate huge chunks of her stomach.

Teen allegedly bullied by classmates drops 200 pounds after moving away

16 Oct 2018 13:32

An obese teenager who self-harmed after allegedly being cruelly tormented by high school bullies has shed more than 200 pounds after moving to another state to escape them.

Mom claims tattoo removal left her with horrific scarring

16 Oct 2018 12:53

A mom claims she has permanent scars and was left looking like she'd been attacked by "flesh-eating bugs" after having a tattoo removed.

Newlywed bride suffers stroke during New York City honeymoon: report

16 Oct 2018 05:10

A newlywed bride suffered a stroke on Saturday while on her honeymoon in New York City, reported.

Man dies from extremely rare disease after eating squirrel brains

15 Oct 2018 19:30

A man in New York developed an extremely rare and fatal brain disorder after he ate squirrel brains, according to a new report of the man's case.

Twins with rare Batten disease defy odds to reach teens

15 Oct 2018 14:41

Twin brothers with an extremely rare genetic disorder which experts said would limit their life expectancy have defied the odds to reach their teens.

Michigan boy, 6, raises $22G for diabetic service dog by selling pumpkins

15 Oct 2018 14:07

A 6-year-old Michigan boy with Type 1 diabetes has exceeded his $20,000 fundraising goal after his pumpkin patch effort to raise money for a service dog went viral.

UK doctors to prescribe cooking classes to combat loneliness

15 Oct 2018 13:03

Doctors in England will be able to write prescriptions for cooking classes and walking groups by 2023 as part of the government’s effort to combat loneliness.

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