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Medical milestone: US OKs marijuana-based drug for seizures

25 Jun 2018 17:05

U.S. health regulators have approved the first prescription drug made from marijuana, a milestone that could spur more research into a drug that remains illegal under federal law.

Is 'pregnancy brain' real?

25 Jun 2018 16:03

If you've ever found yourself at a real loss for words while pregnant, or you feel like you just keep forgetting to book appointments during those nine months of expecting, you're not the only one.

Mom's diabetes may increase child's autism risk, study claims

25 Jun 2018 15:06

A mom’s diabetes can raise her child’s risk for autism, according to new research at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California.

Retailers experiment with blue lights to deter drug use

25 Jun 2018 14:23

The blue lights are meant to discourage people from using drugs in store bathrooms by making it more difficult for them to see their veins.

Woman's home infested with ticks after 85 are found on family dog

25 Jun 2018 14:10

A mom claims her home became infested with blood-sucking ticks after she took her dog for a walk.

Man's throat began to rot after he mistakenly swallowed bleach tablet

25 Jun 2018 13:05

Thinking he picked up paracetamol the man swallowed the tablet and felt an immediate burning sensation in his throat and mouth, followed by severe coughing

Girl, 6, diagnosed with mystery neurological condition after struggling to walk, talk

25 Jun 2018 12:56

A fundraising campaign has been launched for a 6-year-old girl who is believed to be the only child in the world suffering from a rare and unknown neurological condition.

Walgreens pharmacist allegedly denies Arizona woman prescription to preempt miscarriage over his personal beliefs

24 Jun 2018 22:15

An Arizona woman who was told she was going to lose her baby was denied medication by a Walgreens pharmacist who said it went against his personal beliefs.

Should people with drug addictions be forced into rehab?

24 Jun 2018 11:00

Mandatory drug treatment programs are on the rise. But can a person truly recover when forced into treatment?

This family learned tick bites can transmit more than Lyme disease

23 Jun 2018 11:00

How one mother’s persistence and perseverance helped doctors properly treat her son’s complicated Lyme disease diagnosis.

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