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8 of the biggest health stories from this week in case you missed them

26 May 2024 08:00

With a week ahead already beckoning, check out some of the top recent stories in Health that you may have missed, or have been meaning to check out — here are 8 key developments.

Mobile medical clinics bring health care directly to homeless veterans in 25 cities

25 May 2024 12:38

Over 35,000 veterans in the U.S. are homeless; health care is not always their top priority. The U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs aims to bridge that gap by bringing medical care to homeless vets.

Undercooked bear meat to blame for infecting family with rare roundworm parasite: CDC

24 May 2024 23:19

A family was infected with a rare parasite after eating undercooked black bear meat that was harvested in Canada, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

ADHD affects 1 in 9 kids in US, new report reveals: ‘Shame and stigma’

24 May 2024 20:11

Diagnoses of ADHD continue to rise among U.S. youth, affecting one in every nine U.S. kids, a new report reveals. Mental health experts explain the reasons behind the spike.

What to know about the new 'FLiRT' COVID variants

24 May 2024 14:21

The “FLiRT" variants of COVID have been the primary strains of the virus circulating globally this year, but so far experts don't believe them to be significantly more dangerous.

5 myths about schizophrenia, according to a mental health expert: ‘Huge stigma’

24 May 2024 09:00

Approximately 1% of Americans are affected by schizophrenia — yet the disorder remains highly misunderstood. A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner shares some common myths.

Fish oil supplements linked to greater first-time heart attack risk in study: ‘Not universally good or bad'

23 May 2024 23:15

Taking fish oil supplements could raise the risk of heart attack and stroke, a new study suggests. A cardiologist and two dietitians discuss the potential effects.

Despite growing concerns over bird flu, many US dairy workers have not received protective equipment

23 May 2024 14:43

The CDC advised workers to use protective equipment if they may be exposed to sick livestock after a Texas dairy worker tested positive for bird flu, but many have not received any.

Second American contracts bird flu tied to dairy cows as CDC says risk of infection still low

23 May 2024 01:12

According to the CDC, the second report of H5N1 bird flu in humans was reported in Michigan. The farm worker contracted conjunctivitis, or pink eye, but no respiratory infections.

Half of Americans not equipped to provide life-saving treatment in a crisis, poll finds

23 May 2024 00:12

Only half the people in the U.S. feel they could be helpful in an emergency situation, according to the results of a new poll by The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Heart attacks during election year, plus lupus myths and life support decisions

22 May 2024 19:49

The Fox News Health Newsletter brings you trending and important stories about health warnings, drug shortages, mental health issues and more in this weekly recap.

Viral Hostage Tape sleeping trend gains steam as doctors warn of potential dangers

22 May 2024 19:15

Hostage Tape, a company that sells mouth tapes for sleeping, has become popular on social media for its reported health benefits, but some doctors have concerns.

Disrupted sleep, plus nightmares could be linked to autoimmune diseases, experts say

22 May 2024 18:33

Vivid nightmares and disrupted sleep may be linked to certain systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases, researchers found. Doctors discuss the ramifications.

Lupus expert debunks 7 common myths about the autoimmune disease: ‘Not a death sentence’

22 May 2024 14:46

For Lupus Awareness Month, Dr. Brooke Goldner, a board-certified medical doctor who has the disease herself, shares some of the biggest misconceptions — and sets the record straight.

Spinal cord treatment restores function for paralyzed patients in study: ‘New hope’

21 May 2024 20:50

Ninety percent of paralyzed patients regained strength or function of their upper limbs after receiving an experimental therapy, a new study found. Researchers and doctors weigh in.

Three women — ages 41, 55 and 64 — share their secrets to better health and longevity

21 May 2024 09:41

For Women’s Health Month, three mothers at three different stages of life shared how they are defying age through simple lifestyle practices and interventions.

Ask a doctor: 'Is it dangerous to swallow gum?'

20 May 2024 18:53

It might be tempting to swallow chewing gum if there’s no trash can nearby to dispose of it — but is it dangerous to do so? Two doctors answer the age-old question.

US pediatricians group reverses decades-old policy, allowing breastfeeding for those with HIV

20 May 2024 13:03

The American Academy of Pediatrics has announced a policy shift, saying that those with HIV who are effectively managing the virus with medication can breastfeed their babies.

Heart attacks more likely during presidential elections and other stressful times, study shows

20 May 2024 09:00

People with high genetic stress sensitivity, as well as anxiety or depression, are at a much higher risk of heart attack during times of socio-political stress. Doctors explain.

Many families take patients off life support too soon after traumatic brain injuries: study

20 May 2024 00:12

Many patients who died after traumatic brain injuries may have survived and recovered if their families had waited to take them off life support, a new study found.

7 important health stories you might have missed this week: Catch up here

19 May 2024 17:57

With the week ahead beckoning, check out some of the top recent stories in Health that you may have missed, or have been meaning to check out — here are 7 key developments.

Could your car make you sick? Study highlights potentially cancerous toxins in vehicles

18 May 2024 09:00

Americans may be breathing in cancer-causing chemicals while they're driving, recent research suggested. Environmental experts offered input on the potential risk.

Feeling hungrier than usual? Your sleep schedule could be the culprit, an expert says

17 May 2024 21:28

Not sleeping enough could cause your appetite to spike, experts say. A nutritional biologist discusses how poor quality of sleep could be making you hungry, and how to break the cycle.

Summer is tick season, but these tips can help you avoid the bloodsucking bugs

17 May 2024 18:44

Ticks become most active in the summer months. Researcher Santiago Sánchez-Vicente offers tips on how to protect yourself from the bloodsuckers this tick season.

Melanoma patients reveal dramatic stories for Skin Cancer Awareness Month: ‘I thought I was careful’

17 May 2024 09:00

For Skin Cancer Awareness Month, two melanoma patients shared their stories of how they overcame the invasive form of the disease. A dermatologist also revealed prevention tips.

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