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FDA panel rejects MDMA-assisted therapies for PTSD despite high hopes from veterans

13 Jun 2024 08:30

An FDA panel rejected MDMA-based treatments for PTSD often used with veterans. One advocate shared what the verdict means for the future of mental health care, while doctors stressed supervision.

Tiger mosquitoes blamed for spread of dengue fever: ‘Most invasive species’

13 Jun 2024 00:59

As dengue fever continues to spread throughout Europe, experts are blaming an invasive mosquito species as the culprit. Infectious disease experts share words of caution.

Exercising to beat Alzheimer's, plus a baby's renewed vision and new vaccine progress

12 Jun 2024 21:38

The Fox News Health Newsletter brings you trending and important stories about health warnings, drug shortages, mental health issues and more in this weekly recap.

Children swimming in Virginia lake hospitalized after E. coli, gastrointestinal illnesses

12 Jun 2024 16:13

A cluster of gastrointestinal illnesses, including E. coli, have been reported in children who were at a popular lake in Virginia over Memorial Day weekend.

‘Reversing’ Alzheimer’s: Here are exercises to make the brain more resilient

12 Jun 2024 09:00

In her new book “Reversing Alzheimer's: The New Tool Kit to Improve Cognition and Protect Brain Health," Dr. Heather Sandison offers exercise tips to alleviate Alzheimer's symptoms.

Through new pilot project, medical marijuana could become more accessible to senior citizens

11 Jun 2024 23:54

A new initiative dubbed The Commonwealth Project aims to integrate medical cannabis into traditional health care for seniors. Multiple experts speak to Fox News about the potential risks and benefits.

Experimental Alzheimer’s drug gets FDA advisory panel's thumbs-up: ‘Progress is happening’

11 Jun 2024 22:38

An experimental Alzheimer’s drug, donanemab, was endorsed by a U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel on Monday. Industry experts and doctors shared reactions.

What to know about the FDA's paralytic shellfish poisoning warning

11 Jun 2024 16:25

The FDA says consumers should avoid eating shellfish from Oregon and Washington state as they may be contaminated with toxins that cause paralytic shellfish poisoning.

Gender dysphoria and eating disorders have skyrocketed since pandemic, report reveals: ‘Ripple effects’

11 Jun 2024 09:00

Mental health diagnoses in children have skyrocketed since the pandemic — led by gender dysphoria and eating disorders, according to a new report. Experts reveal the likely causes.

Several groups say cannabis may help aging Americans manage pain

10 Jun 2024 23:23

Senior citizens over age 65 have sharply increased their marijuana use, with many doing so for pain management rather than prescription drugs. A pilot project may make it easier to obtain.

COVID-flu combo vaccine shows ‘positive’ results in phase 3 trials, Moderna says: A 'two-for' option

10 Jun 2024 23:16

Moderna, which is developing a combination COVID-flu vaccine, announced on Monday that in phase 3 clinical trials, mRNA-1083 achieved a better immune response than other vaccines.

Mushroom-infused 'microdosing' chocolate bars are sending people to the hospital, prompting investigation: FDA

10 Jun 2024 18:53

The FDA released an advisory about Diamond Shruumz "microdosing" chocolate bars on Friday. Consumers are warned to not eat the products, which may cause seizures and nausea.

Sunburn SOS: 7 tips to soothe your sun-damaged skin, according to a wellness expert

10 Jun 2024 11:00

If not treated properly, sunburn can lead to severe skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer, experts warn. A wellness and beauty expert shares seven main remedies to treat sun-damaged skin.

Ask a doctor: ‘How can I prevent scarring from bug bites and poison ivy?’

9 Jun 2024 20:24

To help reduce the likelihood of scarring due to scratching from bug bites or poison ivy, three medical doctors offered their best advice on conquering itching and keeping the skin healthy.

American College of Pediatricians issues fiery statement condemning child gender transition

9 Jun 2024 14:14

A coalition of pediatricians and conservative organizations is urging American medical professionals to stop promoting gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

8 of the biggest health stories of this week: Catch up here on the essentials

9 Jun 2024 09:00

As you prepare for the week ahead, check out some of the top recent stories in Health that you may have missed, or have been meaning to check out — here are 8 of the most impactful stories.

For Alzheimer’s patients, eating pomegranates could help alleviate symptoms, study says: ‘Promising results’

7 Jun 2024 11:31

Eating more pomegranates, strawberries and walnuts could help improve memory among Alzheimer’s patients, a new study has found. Nutritionists react to the findings.

Nebraska baby born with cataracts has 3 eye surgeries to save her sight: ‘I just kept praying’

7 Jun 2024 08:30

Madison Artale was diagnosed with cataracts at just 1.5 months old, and was in danger of losing her sight, until an advanced surgery saved her vision. The baby's family and doctor share the story.

Bird flu-infected cows have died in 5 states as experts closely monitor the disease

6 Jun 2024 16:54

Dairy cows infected with bird flu in five U.S. states have died or been slaughtered by farmers because they did not recover. The USDA says the vast majority of cows recover well.

Rare, sexually transmitted ringworm reported in NYC

6 Jun 2024 16:03

A new form of ringworm which looks like eczema and spread through sex was detected in a man in his 30s who slept with multiple other men on trips.

Drinking alcohol before sleeping on a plane could be dangerous, study suggests

6 Jun 2024 13:42

Consuming alcohol and then falling asleep on a plane could lead to a drop in blood oxygen levels and a spike in heart rate, a new study has found. Multiple doctors shared insights.

Medicine cabinet must-haves: 9 essentials every household should have on hand

6 Jun 2024 09:30

In the event of aches and pains, allergic reactions or even a minor medical emergency, do you have the essential supplies on hand? Pharmacists identified the nine most important medical staples.

Doctors reverse deafness, plus surprise Ozempic perks and rules for traveling with meds

5 Jun 2024 22:27

The Fox News Health Newsletter brings you trending and important stories about health warnings, drug shortages, mental health issues and more in this weekly recap.

Children with total deafness regain hearing after ‘groundbreaking’ gene therapy: ‘Like a miracle’

5 Jun 2024 09:00

Five children who were born completely deaf have had their hearing loss reversed after receiving a “groundbreaking" gene therapy. Researchers and audiologists discuss what this means.

Florida becomes first state to allow women to get C-sections outside of hospitals

4 Jun 2024 20:40

Florida recently became the first state to allow cesarean sections (C-sections) to be performed outside of hospitals, as reported by KFF News. Doctors and industry experts weigh in.

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